Board Game Bingo

Each all access pass comes with a single Board Game Bingo Card. Your goal will be to check games out of the play to win library or the game library and play games to complete your bingo card. Each Bingo you get with your card earns you five raffle tickets.

Each bingo card will have categories on it. Some require you to play games that use specific meeples or tokens, others will require you to play games that use specific mechanics, and yet others will ask you to play games with specific characters or themes. Your job will be to find games that qualify. If you ever need help finding a game that fits, ask a GTG Member.

The Fine Print

How many Bingo Cards can I get?

Each participant may complete one bingo card during the event.

How many tickets can I get off of one Bingo Card?

Each bingo card will have room for 12 total Bingos, (5 horizontal, 5 vertical, 2 diagonal). This means that each participant can gain a maximum of 60 raffle tickets from the bingo card.

How many Bingo spaces can I get for each game I play?

Each game you play can earn you exactly one space on your bingo card. Even if a game qualifies for multiple spaces, you may only select one of them to earn the stamp.

Can I give my bingo stamps/stickers to my friend, since I have to leave?

Stamps or stickers are not transferrable between bingo cards.

How do I get the spaces filled in on my Bingo Card?

Each time you turn a game back in to the Play to Win library or Game Library, you can ask a volunteer to stamp your bingo card for one space based on the game you just returned.

Can my own games count for the Bingo Card?

If you play a game of your own that you think qualifies for a bingo stamp, take it to the Play to Win table or the Game Library table to receive a stamp.

Where do I take the card when I have a Bingo!?

When you complete a bingo, visit the raffle table to redeem your tickets.