Some of the Many games that will be in the Play-to-Win and the Raffle!


There will be many prizes available at the event. We are still working out the details, but stay tuned to see what prizes will be available!

Tournament Prizes

undefined The winner of the Catan tournament will walk away with a brand new copy of Catan, provided by Galactic Comics & Games.

undefined The winner of the Keyforge tournament will walk away with a brand new copy of a Keyforge starter set, provided by Galactic Comics & Games.

Raffle Prizes

Below is a list of raffle prizes. Their names link to the Board Game Geek webpage for each game (if applicable), so you can learn a little about them. Closer to the event we will update this page with the times that each item will be raffled off.

Two x $25 Gift Cards to The Clubhouse

Two Single Game Tormenta FC VIP Tickets

$50 Gift Certificate to ReTails

undefined AEG Black Friday Box 2015

undefined Battle Goats

undefined Catan Expansions – Two chances to choose your expansion will be raffled off. The available expansions are Seafarers, Traders & Barbarians, Explorers & Pirates, and Cities & Knights.

undefined Citadels

undefined Claim It!

undefined Coal Baron

undefined Eldritch Horror

undefined Five Seals of Magic

undefined Forbidden Desert

undefined Guildhall Fantasy Box of Holding (With 3 Games: Alliance, Coalition, Fellowship)

undefined 2 x Hive

undefined Holiday Fluxx

undefined I Say, Holmes!

undefined Jamaica

undefined King of Tokyo

undefined Lost Legacy: The Starship

undefined Ninja All Stars

undefined Retro Loonacy

undefined Robots: Battle for the Coal Heart + 6 Player Mats

undefined Stone Age

undefined Tiny Epic Zombies

undefined Uglydoll Loonacy

Play to Win Games

Below is a list of Play-to-Win games. These games will be available to play all day for a chance to win. For more details on how to win these games see here.

Adventure Time Card Wars

Adventure Time Fluxx

Alhambra The Dice Game

All Fathomed Out

#Alternative Facts: The Fake News Party Game


Apples to Apples

Attack! A Game of World Conquest

Battle Goats

Beep Boop



Caverna: Cave vs Cave

Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger


Deer Lord!

Dilbert Corporate Shuffle

Draco Magi

Eight Epics

Firefly Fluxx

Flag Dash

Flip Ships

Fluxx Drinking

Fluxx Regular Show

A Game of Thrones The Card Game

Guildhall Fellowship

Iron Curtain

Just Desserts


King of New York

King of Tokyo

Laser Khet 2.0

Legends of the Hidden Temple Game

Lost Cities

Lost in R’lyeh

Lost Legacy

Mage Wars

Mansions of Madness

Marvel Heros

Missing Link

Monopoly: Pokémon

Most Glorious Comrade

Most Incorruptible Patriot

Munchkin Adventure Time

Munchkin Bites

Munchkin Fu

Munchkin Impossible

Munchkin Loot Letter

Oh My Goods

The Office DVD Board Game

The Oregon Trail Game: Journey to Willamette Valley


Phase 10

Race for the Galaxy

The Red Dragon Inn 2

Regality & Religion

Rome: Rise to Power

Rune Age

Say “Adios!” to the Villains

Sentinels of the Multiverse

The Struggle for Catan

Star Trek Deck Building Game

Star Trek Five Year Mission

Stratego Legends: The Shattered Lands

Super Mario Checkers

Super Mario Chess

Super Munchkin

Sushi Go!

Unlock! Escape Adventures: The Formula

Unlock! Escape Adventures: Squeek & Sausage

Voodoo Mania

Water Balloon Washout

Who’s Most Likely To

Wings of War

Wits & Wagers Party

Words With Friends Luxe

World of Tanks: Rush

The Worst Case Scenario Game of Surviving Life